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get additional dictionaries

Chrysanth Journal offers a wide range of dictionary support in many languages, ranging from American English to British English, or French to Afrikaans etc. If you are used to writing journal in a language other than English, chances are that you may find a suitable dictionary to complement the default set of dictionaries that come with the journal software.

In addition to that, you may also find some Special Dictionary below, such as a technical dictionary for more specific usages.

To download the dictionary that you want, simply right click on the dictionary's URL, and choose "Save Target As..." for Internet Explorer, or "Save Link As..." for Firefox. When the "Save As" dialog comes out, browse to the following folder and click "Save":

[ Journal Installation Path ] \ Dictionaries

for instance:

"C:\Program Files\Chrysanth\Journal\Dictionaries"

Additional Languages

Special Dictionary


set up the new dictionaries in the journal software

Now you are only a few steps away from using the newly added dictionary:

  1. click at the Options button
Journal Options

journal options

  1. then select "Spell Check" on the left panel
Set up a new dictionary

set up a new dictionary

  1. place a checkmark next to the newly added dictionaries, in this example, the French and Hebrew dictionaries, and they are ready for use now.